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Larry and Gail Miller often expressed the idea that they didn’t mind having a big company; they just never wanted to act big. Unlike larger companies that focus solely on the bottom line, the Millers chose (and continue to choose) to focus on how they do business, the company’s impact on the community, and their roles in the lives of employees.

Winning Spirit Magazine was created in 1986 as a way of sharing company news, celebrating the company’s achievements, and recognizing employees for their contribution to the company and the community. At the time, the LHM Company was just seven years old, but Larry was already concerned that as the company continued to grow, helping employees feel involved and in touch would be more and more difficult. He saw the magazine as a way of preserving the sense of family and company spirit.

Fast forward 43 years. The company that started with one dealership in Utah has grown to include a diverse portfolio of companies and interests in the categories of real estate, health care, finance, entertainment, sports, and long-term strategy and investments, as well as philanthropy. The company Larry and Gail started became big, but the desire to keep it feeling small has not wavered. Since the first issue in 1986, Winning Spirit Magazine has evolved along with the company.

In 2003, staff reorganizations led to the magazine being discontinued. In 2009, one year after Greg Miller became CEO of the Larry H. Miller Company, he reintroduced Winning Spirit Magazine so that it could serve as a way to document company history—like a family history album—as well as connect employees across the rapidly growing company.

The magazine has evolved over the years, including the most recent shift to a digital-first format, but its mission remains the same: to serve as a way to increase employee engagement, celebrate milestones, and share news and stories that build upon the rich company culture.

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“I take a great deal of pride and satisfaction in knowing what we accomplish together, in knowing that our mission statements are more than just words on paper, but are really the way we conduct our businesses and live our lives.”
Larry H. Miller

Winning Spirit Magazine

Larry H. and Gail Miller

Executive Editor
Amanda Covington

Editor/Creative Director
Jack Sanford

Content Contributors

  • Amanda Hansen
  • Elizabeth Gray
  • Jenny Teemsma
  • Karol Elkington 
  • Jeff Whipple
  • Kraig Williams

WINNING SPIRIT MAGAZINE is the official employee publication of the Larry H. Company. Its purpose is to document important events and milestones, as well as share the successes and achievements of our employees as they exemplify the mission, vision, values, and guiding principles of the company.

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