Larry H. Miller
Culture Features September 2021

Leading with Integrity Through Times of Change

Leadership Message by CEO Steve Starks –

One of the many things I admired about Larry Miller was his desire to do the right thing in every instance. He told me once, “I want to do a deal with someone and see them again in ten years and have both of us still feel good about that deal.” In the years since, I have been part of countless transactions ranging from everyday exchanges with customers and partners to billion-dollar deals. In these, I have observed the Miller family, our executive management teams, and our thousands of teammates/employees strive to follow Larry’s aspiration that we do the right thing. This is encapsulated in our values and remains a guiding principle throughout the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies. We place a premium on trying to do things the right way. It was an incredible process because we treated each other fairly. 

“Times and conditions change so rapidly that we must keep our aim constantly focused on the future.” 

– Walt Disney

Our reputation for striving to do things the right way along with the resources created by effective stewardship enable us to make strategic acquisitions and investments, including Advanced Health Care and the undeveloped portion of the Daybreak master-planned community. These companies add dedicated employees and values-based leaders to the LHM Group of Companies and introduce us to new durable industries.  

As we move forward, our commitment to our values along with our wise stewardship will create future opportunities we can hardly imagine. In all of this, let’s continue to follow Larry’s example to approach every interaction with this philosophy of civility and integrity in mind. We will never be too big to do the right thing.

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