Employee Engagement
Features March/April 2020

Measuring Employee Engagement

More than 3,400 LHM Group employees engaged in LHMVoices 2019 to share feedback for how their workplace is the best—and what could help it become even better.

The findings from the 2019 LHMVoices survey will be used to help shape the future of the Group, using firsthand and confidential feedback to direct us as we improve the work experience for every employee. This year’s survey had fewer questions to streamline the experience and focus the data, and the survey was sent only to full-time employees.

As they carefully review the results, leadership teams and managers are working together to define action plans for improvement across the company. We had an increase in the percentage of participation (46% up from 28% in 2017) and an increase in overall satisfaction/engagement score (86% up from 71% in 2017), so we’re on the right track as an organization and feeling motivated by vital input from our people to work hard to be the best in every way.

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  1. Scott Martin

    I’m very happy with my work environment and management. I have been in this profession for almost 10 yrs and this is by far the most fun I’ve ever selling Cars. It is my 3rd year at the used store in Boise and I’m glad my good Friend and one of the best general mangers Brad Moore pushed me to work for him again. Jason Erickson is right up there with Brad Moore he is great with the sales staff and always knows how to get the best from us. Been a fun 3 years working for Larry H. Miller used Boise and looking forward to many more.

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