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Eight Employees Honored with Larry H. & Gail Miller Values Award at Who We Are

During our recent Who We Are event, eight employees received Larry H. & Gail Miller Values Awards, which recognize individuals who exemplify our core values of Integrity, Hard Work, Stewardship, and Service. These values have been foundational in guiding the LHM Group of Companies for more than 40 years. 

Robert Smith, Customer Relations Manager at Larry H. Miller Hyundai Peoria

Robert embodies our value of service to others. He is constantly bringing new ideas to his team regarding ways to serve their community. His commitment to charity and helping his dealership be the best place in town to work and the best place in town to do business is second to none. He inspires his team to live the LHM values.

Robert spearheaded efforts for employees at his dealership to work with a local charity to provide weekend food backpacks to kids in need. He was also the driving force behind the dealership’s partnership with an organization that helps young adults with intellectual disabilities gain employment skills, build personal relationships, and become more integrated in their communities.

Sean George, Licensed Practical Nurse at Advanced Health Care of Coeur d’Alene

Sean is held in high regard by those on the nursing team for his positive attitude and the light he brings to the workplace. Sean does not shy away from hard work and long hours to ensure patients receive the care they need. 

When Sean’s facility experienced its first outbreak of COVID-19 in October, he was one of the first nurses to willingly accept the responsibility of being a dedicated COVID-19 caregiver. During this trying time, he remained positive and focused on providing outstanding care to his patients. 

Sean’s desire to serve those around him has made a tremendous impact on the team. He lifts up the nursing assistants and nurses by encouraging them and listening to their concerns. 

Kathy Romano, Accounts Administrator at Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Tucson

Kathy is always aware of those who need help and frequently takes action without being asked. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, she was one of the first employees to jump in and help in every way she could, never asking for anything in return. 

Kathy is instrumental in working with local charities and organizations to plan her team’s project for the Larry H. Miller Week of Service and other community service activities throughout the year. She has also facilitated donations to those in need in her community and often serves her coworkers anonymously. 

Jerry Herrin, Vice President of Dealer Development at Prestige Financial Services

Jerry possesses an unwavering sense of stewardship that drives him to continuously cultivate the very best in himself and in others. He exudes relentless, yet sincere, optimism under even the most challenging circumstances. 

His commitment to integrity is typified by the effective, clear and, above all, honest communication that he applies to all his interactions. One of Jerry’s core talents is helping people exceed their own expectations. He often mentors others to help them develop exceptional customer service, achieve challenging goals, and become clear and persuasive communicators. 

Three words that describe Jerry are: determination, consistency, and dependability. He welcomes new challenges with eagerness and enthusiasm, and is always there for his people, setting them up for success. 

Mike McQuiston, Lot Technician at Larry H. Miller Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram 104th and Larry H. Miller Ram Truck Center

Mike is trustworthy, kind, reliable, and generous and exemplifies our values of hard work and integrity. He is a tremendous employee and is the go-to person when help is needed.

Mike has faced several challenges in his life with courage. He is one of the hardest working and most reliable employees you could ever ask for. He is also the caregiver for his grandparents and serves others selflessly in all aspects of his life. Mike is always focused on being there for his fellow employees and customers. 

Suzanne Rayburn, Hospice Registered Nurse at Advanced Health Care of St. George 

Suzanne has many years of experience in hospice, home health, and long-term care facilities. She serves the elderly population with great compassion. 

Suzanne is quick to offer help and willingly shares with others. She is also an excellent steward of equipment and medical supplies. The way Suzanne shares her time with her patients is truly inspiring. She is empathetic, compassionate, and listens. 

Suzanne has extraordinary communication skills and hears and addresses any patient concerns immediately. In addition to all she does for her patients, she watches out for her neighbors, 

coworkers, and elderly friends in extraordinary ways. She exemplifies hard work, integrity, dedication, service, kindness, and deep love for others. Suzanne, thank you for your compassionate care and living our values.

Scott Terrill, Creative Director at Megaplex Theatres 

When Scott joined the Megaplex team two years ago, he singlehandedly took on the production of the Megaplex pre-feature and lobby network, bringing the creative element in-house. 

Scott is incredibly creative and is always finding new ways to entertain guests who arrive early to view the pre-feature, bringing real value to advertisers. He works hard to find innovative ways to tie movies in with sponsors. He also has a knack for highlighting movies filmed here in Utah and has entertained and educated many guests.

Recently, Scott digitally remastered a movie for re-release on the big screen. This took long hours and a lot of ingenuity on his part. His commitment to hard work and stewardship is an example for us all. 

Jack Sanford, Vice President of Communications at Larry H. Miller Management Corporation

Jack exemplifies all of our company values, especially our value of hard work. For the last several years, he has worked to ensure that Leadership Conference and Who We Are annual events meet the highest standards. He puts in countless hours with design teams, production houses, internal events staff and leadership to write scripts and create sets and themes, resulting in high engagement from all participants. 

Jack is often the person behind the curtain and an unsung hero. In addition to his regular workload, Jack was also a creative and hard-working partner on our LHM Driven to Celebrate community support efforts this winter. He designed the look and feel of the campaign, helped design a website that connected our community and positioned our company in a way that helped enrich lives. 

We thank all our honorees for their commitment to living our values.

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