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LHM Megaplex Employee Goes Above and Beyond

For the opening of Top Gun: Maverick, five Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres locations ranked in the top 30 of 4,735 theatre complexes in North America for ticket sales.

Brian Devir, VP of advertising and sales for LHM Megaplex Theatres, took his family to see a movie during opening weekend. When he arrived at the theatre, he noticed all available team members were working hard to staff the theatre. That’s when Brian sprang into action.

Brian knew he couldn’t relax and enjoy a movie while the rest of the team was working so hard. He went home, put on a Megaplex Theatres shirt, returned to the theatre, and spent the rest of the day cleaning and sweeping the lobby.

“Brian saved the day. He set the perfect example of what we want from our team members. We’re in this together,” said Blake Andersen, president of Megaplex Theatres.

“When you think of our values, stewardship, hard work, service, and integrity – all of those came to fruition that day. He served the team. Brian emulates the mission, vision and values of the Larry H. Miller Company in every way.”

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