Miller 2025 Vision
Culture Features March/April 2020

Miller 2025 Vision: Five Areas of Focus for the Next Five Years

It’s been said, “The future cannot be predicted, but futures can be invented.” Several years ago, Larry H. Miller employees were introduced to The Miller 2020 Vision—a powerful process of boldly declaring the future and working to make it a reality.

At the 2020 Leadership Conference, Steve Miller reviewed the successes of the Miller 2020 Vision and unveiled the new 2025 Vision. Steve described the vision as, “A powerful document that has unified us as a family and solidified our desire for the future—encompassing all aspects of the family enterprise.”

There are five areas of focus for 2025, each with its own strategic outcome. (See the graphic below.)

These areas comprise the Miller family’s intention to remain a private, family-owned business. One of the hallmarks of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies is being disciplined and well run. This company was founded by an entrepreneur. It’s in our DNA.

Each of these five strategic outcomes has specific milestones along with a corresponding time frame for its successful completion.

The Business Strategic Outcomes is supported by 10 milestones. Here are the five that the Miller family highlighted at the 2020 Leadership Conference:

2025 Business Strategic Outcomes Milestones

  1. Miller family members who aspire to executive management will participate in the Miller Family Employee Development Program.
  2. Each business is profitable, has a solid action plan to become profitable, or has been divested.
  3. Each business leads its industry with highly engaged, high-performing employees and low turnover.
  4. Each business uses a measurable process to recognize talent, develop employees, and cultivate leaders.
  5. Each business has a clear leadership succession plan approved by the board of directors.

Here’s how you, as an employee, can be part of the 2025 Vision. First, understand that the 2025 Vision is not just relevant to the Miller family. It’s how the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies as a whole will continue to grow and prosper, creating new opportunities at every level of the organization. You should also understand that your participation matters in a big way. No matter what your job might be, as you do your best to live the LHM values, you are moving us toward the best outcomes of the 2025 vision.

As Steve puts it, “Because of you, collectively, the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies is extraordinary. We enrich numerous lives and we’re the best place in town to work and do business. Together we embody the values of integrity, hard work, stewardship, and service. With your help we can make the Miller 2025 vision a reality.”

Thank you for all you do.

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