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Features Noteworthy September 2021

New Human Resources Information System Goes Online

The Larry H. Miller Group of Companies is engaged in an organization-wide project to transition our human resource information system from ADP to UKG Pro. This fall, we will launch the first of three implementation phases of UKG Pro, which includes a new platform for HR, payroll, time and attendance, benefits, recruiting and onboarding, and more. 

UKG Pro is an employee-focused people and payroll software product from the Ultimate Kronos Group, a major leader in workforce management software. This platform offers robust self-service tools, provides centralized access to employee-related data (including your own personal and pay information), and simplifies many human resources and payroll processes. 

BJ Vander Linden, CIO of the LHM Group and executive sponsor for the UKG Pro implementation, said: “The key stakeholders and implementation team have put in countless late hours and weekends to work through this challenging project. It has been tremendously complex and incredibly difficult at times. However, they have always kept at the front of their thoughts how this would impact our employees. They have remembered their stewardship of our employees and have worked to act in their best interest. I’m blessed to be working with them on this project.”

Beginning September 16, 2021, employees will start using UKG Pro Time & Attendance (UTA) to clock in and out, view their timecard, check accrual balances, and request time off. Supervisors will use UTA to edit and approve time punches and time-off requests, run time and attendance reports, set employee schedules, and more. Training on UTA will be released in mid-August.

Beginning October 1, 2021, all features in the UKG Pro portal will be available, including viewing your pay statements, updating personal information, managing benefits, changing tax withholdings and direct deposit information, and more. Additionally, UKG Pro will provide easier access to company forms and policies, our organization directory, and company announcements. Training on the UKG Pro portal was released on August 30 and is available using the links below.

For more information on what to expect from UKG Pro, reach out to your People & Culture representative.

If you haven’t done so yet, please familiarize yourself with the new UKG platform by completing the Bridge training below:

UKG Pro Portal – General Navigation (4:52 minutes)
o General UKG Navigation:

Ultimate Time and Attendance (5:30 minutes)
o Employees:
o Supervisors:

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