APR-MAY-JUN 2022 Culture Noteworthy Spotlights

Employees Honored with Larry H. & Gail Miller Values Award at Who We Are 2022

During the Who We Are event held on April 14, 2022, seven employees received the Larry H. & Gail Miller Values Awards, which recognize individuals who exemplify our core values of integrity, hard work, stewardship, and service. These values have been foundational in guiding the LHM Company for more than 40 years. 

Lindsay Morgan, Prestige Financial

Lindsay is an uncompromising steward who is passionate about the growth and development of Prestige’s biggest asset: our people. She is always looking for ways to spotlight team members for the unique talents they bring to our company.  She goes out of her way to celebrate others’ accomplishments, help them identify opportunities for growth, and support them along their journey. 

Her passion for learning and teaching is apparent to everyone that works with her.  Lindsay actively pursues ideas that will help our team gain the skills that will keep us at the top of our industry. 

Lindsay recently created Prestige’s 2022 “Educate You” program which provides a path for Prestige employees to request support in their professional development that falls outside of traditional formal education. This program will play a significant role in the development of our future leaders.  

Lindsay truly lives the values of the Larry H. Miller Company. She demonstrates our value of service by actively seeking diverse thoughts and ideas that help her grow and develop as a leader and is a true advocate for our people and an inspiring champion of the LHM culture. 

Chie Clark, Prestige Financial

Chie Clark is a shining example of hard work. She worked many long hours to ensure Prestige had a successful launch of its new human resources and payroll system. As she became the in-house expert, she took the initiative to share what she had learned with other leaders throughout the LHM Company. She spent time troubleshooting challenges and then went the extra mile to make sure everyone involved knew how to avoid or overcome those same challenges. 

Chie is always willing to drop what she is doing and share her knowledge with anyone that asks. She is known for her integrity and desire to always do the right thing. In her role, Chie interacts with employees at every level of the company. She is universally admired and appreciated for her dedication.  

Chie always has employees’ best interest at heart and is diligent in making sure she responds to questions thoroughly and accurately. 

“I like to tell people that they should always be nice to Chie because she controls their paycheck,” shared Prestige President Rich Hyde, “but the truth is that she would make sure it was right no matter what because that is who she is.”

Corina Nelson, Larry H. Miller Megaplex Theatres

The past two years have been trying on the entire Larry H. Miller Megaplex team, but none were hit harder than the team at The District. In the thick of the pandemic, audiences returned in full force for the holiday movies despite extreme labor shortages and serious supply chain issues. 

Corina Nelson stepped up and led her team with ingenuity as she utilized new technology to streamline processes and maximize show schedules, marking the District one of the top-grossing theatres for opening day films in the entire country. 

Corina doesn’t shy from an opportunity to serve. While managing the theatre during the busiest season of the year, she helped to collect over fifty new blankets to share with refugees coming to Utah.

An advocate in the Hispanic community, Corina is also an active participant in the Gail Miller Women’s Leadership Group.  

She is a light to all around her and an example of hard work, service, stewardship, and integrity in all she does.

Deborah Kruse, Advanced Health Care

Deborah Kruse is a tremendous example of stewardship. She took over a kitchen that was consistently over budget in raw food and immediately found ways to save money while focusing on quality food and doing whatever it takes to ensure five-star dining for her patients.  

She’s known to make special trips to the grocery store or a restaurant to get that exact dish a patient is craving.  

Deborah demonstrates hard work every day. She is the first to jump in and cover for anyone and doesn’t hesitate to work as a diet aide if someone doesn’t show up to work.  

Despite her own health challenges, she is dedicated to her work, team members, and patients. She focuses on doing her job well and making others around her happy. 

Deborah improves the efficiency and morale in the kitchen and is a joy to work with. She consistently puts others first and never complains. She is the personification of our values.

Christy Saunders, Advanced Health Care

Christy Saunders is the epitome of hard work. In addition to the long hours she dedicates to work each day, she uses her personal time to respond to patient emergencies, staff scheduling issues, and other time-sensitive needs. 

She is dedicated to her team members and patients and often volunteers to fill in nursing shifts. 

In addition to taking care of patients, Christy is considered is Advance Health Care’s “resident nurse,” helping employees with their own personal health care needs. 

A student, teacher, and leader at heart, Christy shares her wisdom and advice generously and always has a listening ear.  

She is well-known for her homemade bread and soups, never hesitating to share with everyone lucky enough to be working with her that day.

Diana Armitage, Larry H. Miller Property Management 

As custodial manager, Diana Armitage will do whatever it takes to ensure that the tenants come to a clean workspace, including working late into the night and on the weekends. She often fills in the gaps on the team and does so with an amazing attitude, humility, and kindness. 

Diana feels very blessed to work for the Larry H. Miller Company and takes pride and ownership in how the facilities are presented. She teaches this to her team and is trusted by her employees, her managers, and the tenants. She takes her responsibility as being a steward seriously.

Diana started in 1995 at the Toyota dealership in Murray. She cleaned the entire building herself, six days a week. Larry Miller was so impressed with the quality of her work that it became the standard he wanted for all the dealerships. He asked her to supervise multiple dealerships where she taught her team to uphold those standards of cleanliness. 

Diana currently manages the custodial team at Jordan Commons and Opportunity Way. She is 100% focused on customer service and maintaining the exceptional standards she brought with her almost 27 years ago. 

Above all, Diana is a kind and good person. From addressing everyone as “sir” and ma’am”, to always offering a warm smile, she truly contributes to making the Larry H. Miller Company the best place in town to work and to do business.

Breann Johnson, The Larry H. Miller Company 

Breann Johnson continually goes above and beyond in her commitment to her role and to our company vision of being the best. 

She is inquisitive and fearless in developing new strategies and engaging with new partners. She is a sponge as she learns all she can to better serve the employees she supports.  

Breann is a natural steward and is passionate about her work. She eagerly helps others and is thoughtful in her recommendations. She is a voice for our employees and believes in the goodness of people and thrives on creating environments where people can be their very best.  

She is devoted to helping employees and treats their benefits-related scenarios as if they were her own, helping them identify the best solutions. 

Breann continually recognizes needs and identifies solutions for enhancing our culture.  

Her warm personality draws people closer and inspires us all to give a little more.

We thank all our honorees for their commitment to living our values.

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