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Culture Features JUL-AUG-SEPT 2022 Miller Family Message

Sharing Our Stories: What Makes Us Unique

Miller Family Message by Gail Miller –

A “get to know you” luncheon for new and recently promoted employees was held at Jordan Commons in June of this year for the purpose of sharing professional journeys and emphasizing the value of finding one’s purpose at work. Steve Starks, CEO, and Michelle Smith, Chief People Officer, organized and hosted the event.

During the luncheon, Michelle shared that one of her favorite parts about her job is that she gets to know our employees from the very beginning of the hiring process and then gets to follow along with you in your work journey. Other employees were able to share their personal journeys as well. Our management team members enjoy hearing your stories and the things you are passionate about, and so do I. 

Each of you has a unique story, and when we weave these stories together, we are enriched as a company. Each of you brings a strength we didn’t have before you arrived. I’m grateful for what you bring, who you are, and the path you’ve taken to get here.

Gail Miller and Chief People Officer Michelle Smith

Larry and I started this company in 1979 when I was a stay-at-home mom. We took a leap of faith and bought a single dealership. I didn’t know then where it would take us, but I always had confidence in Larry’s ability and drive to be successful. It was rocky at first, but he had an uncanny way of bringing people together and creating great teams. Over the years, thousands of outstanding employees have put their imprint on this company and collectively created who we are today. You are continuing that process.

During the past few years, I’ve seen incredible growth, not only in this company but also in our people. The future holds a lot of excitement, and you are the caliber of people who will take us to the next level. There will be challenges and obstacles to overcome, but with you will be able to reach new heights. 

In addition to growing the business, Larry and I have always felt that philanthropy was a major part of our story and “who we are.” As our company has continued to grow, we’ve been able to increase our philanthropy. I call this a virtuous cycle. I hope each of you feels that you are part of this cycle because you are the foundation that makes it happen. With you, we create much good in our communities and enrich lives. My hope is that your lives are enriched as well, not only through your work but through the many ways we contribute to our communities as we continue this virtuous cycle together.

I truly believe that you are the cream of the crop, and I’m grateful that you chose to share your talents with us and work for the Larry H. Miller Company. I hope your career with us is exactly what you want it to be and that you find fulfillment. Thank you for what you do every single day.

We’re grateful for our talented employees who are committed to the Larry H. Miller Company’s mission of enriching lives. 


Gail Miller


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