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Who We Are 2020: Celebrating Our Culture

Every year on May 1, we celebrate the anniversary of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies, the day Larry and Gail Miller began operating their first Toyota dealership. It is also the day when we, as employees and leaders, gather together to celebrate our culture and the mission, vision, values, and guiding principles that make us unique in the Who We Are presentation.

This year’s was certainly unlike previous Who We Are presentations since, due to social distancing restrictions, none of us could gather together to watch the broadcast. Nor could the Miller family gather together to record the broadcast. Instead, the individual presentations were recorded remotely then assembled together for a special online-only broadcast.

View the complete WWA2020 presentation at LHMVoices.com/wwa2020

Honoring a Legacy of Service

As part of the Who We Are broadcast, Greg Miller expressed his appreciation for three longtime employees who have retired. Bryant Henrie, former president of Prestige Financial Services, Robert Tingey, former general counsel for the Group of Companies, and Jay Francis, former executive vice president of Corporate Affairs and Miller Family Philanthropy, have worked for the Group for more than 85 years, collectively, and will be missed. Videos celebrating their service can be found online at lhmvoices.com/wwa2020

Learning From Our Leaders

Bryan Miller began the presentation, remarking on the circumstances that made this unique format necessary. He also encouraged employees to understand the value they bring to the Group of Companies each and every day, after which he introduced the rest of the presenters.

Steve Miller discussed the successful completion of the Miller 2020 Vision, a document first revealed in 2017. He then unveiled the new 2025 vision, a bold declaration of the future of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies. The new vision is a way of inventing our future and should help leaders and employees to make individual and entity goals moving forward.

Greg Miller reflected on how his parents tackled difficult situations as business owners and community leaders and expressed his faith that as the LHM Group has endured hard times before, it can do so again.

Steve Starks discussed how important it is to innovate and use our talents as we work to cope with the hardships and difficult situations caused by COVID-19. His message was inspiring and positive, encouraging everyone to lift each other up.

Gail Miller expressed her gratitude to employees for their hard work and dedication over the past several weeks. She also recognized Steve Starks and the management team that has been working almost nonstop to keep the company on the right course during the COVID-19 crisis. She also spoke about the power of our culture and how it helps us endure in hard times.

The values and culture of the Larry H. Miller Group are founded in our history. Since 2015, these principles have been shared through the annual Who We Are presentations and through our growing culture library:

Who We Are — Our Mission, Vision, Values and Guiding Principles.

Be the Best — A pictorial retelling of our vision to Be the Best.

History in the Making — A comprehensive overview of the history and timeline of the LHM Group.

In addition to the books, multiple videos and resources have been created to teach our mission, vision, values, and guiding principles.

Discover more by visiting LHMVoices.com/our-culture

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