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Who We Are 2022

The annual presentation of Who We Are gave employees the opportunity to learn more about our mission, vision, values, and our role and purpose as employees. Following an exciting year with transformative changes, we also explored what makes us the best place in town to work and the best place in town to do business. 

“Our organization is no stranger to change. In fact, we embrace it. We courageously prepare, innovate and seek out new and exciting opportunities. Change is a natural transition in what has proven to be an incredible year of growth and transformation.” 

Gail Miller

A Transformative Year and Bright Future

Gail Miller kicked off the event by looking back over the previous year and the changes the company has witnessed during that time. She stated that 2022 will be a pivotal year in the history of the company and the Miller Family Foundation because of the transactions that took place in 2021. Enriching lives and the continued emphasis on doing good were repeated themes throughout the WWA event. “If we can take satisfaction in knowing that we’re on the right track, and continue to do good while not losing sight of the fact that serving and enriching others is what our lives and our business are about, we will continue to have great successes,” said Gail.

The chair of the LHM Board of Directors, Steve Miller, presented an overview of who we are as an organization, including the structure of the Miller Family Board of Managers, the LHM Board of Directors, and the Larry H. Miller Company executive team. Steve emphasized that our operating businesses are led by strong, experienced presidents and incredibly capable leadership teams who coordinate closely across the organization. He also reminded employees that they are part of the ecosystem of talent, as they share their experience and capabilities. “You play a critical role in our success – and our future,” said Steve. “We want every one of you to find purpose and belonging here at the Larry H. Miller Company.”

LHM board members

CEO Steve Starks began his remarks by sharing a favorite quote from Larry H. Miller: “You can call us a lot of things, but you can never call us boring!” In addition to several organizational changes, the company has also been fortunate to have had tremendous success and find itself in very favorable circumstances.  

“Behind each of these significant developments is a unique story and strategic rationale,” Steve explained. “We are fortunate that in every instance, the leadership of the organization—from the Miller family to the board of directors and among our executive team— has been united during this transformational time.”

Steve covered the reasoning and thought process behind the transactions of the past year, and how the company will use its resources to continue to grow and give back. “Each of you plays a vital role in these endeavors and we thank you for the unique way you make it all happen. You, the thousands of LHM employees working throughout the country, are the soul of the organization.” 

A New Look for the Larry H. Miller Company

In addition to transformative changes across the company, Amanda Covington reviewed the new look and name for the organization. On March 1, the names and logos of the Larry H. Miller Group of Companies and Larry H. Miller Management Corporation transitioned to the Larry H. Miller Company. The updated logo is a combination of the iconic Larry H. Miller signature paired with carefully considered typography and honors the rich legacy of the Miller family and the business they built on a foundation of visionary values. 

Along with an updated name and logo, the company launched a new website ( and unified the social media handles across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter under @theLHMcompany. 

Who We Are – Our Enduring Legacy

While much of the focus of Who We Are 2022 focused on the many ways the company has grown over the last year, Brilliant Miller talked about what hasn’t changed: Our culture and values. The Miller family first introduced our mission, vision, values, and guiding principles under the name, Who We Are, in 2015. In his remarks, Brilliant reviewed their origins and their relevance to the company and employees today. “One element that makes us special is that we have been – and will continue to be – guided by a clear vision and strong values,” Brilliant said.

Living Our Values

Zane Miller, along with company leadership, presented seven employees with the Larry H. & Gail Miller Values Award. Congratulations to Lindsay Morgan, Chie Clark, Corina Nelson, Deborah Kruse, Christy Saunders, Diana Armitage, and Breann Johnson. Thank you for your commitment to living our values. Read more about these award recipients here.

The Value of Our Reputation

After sharing a video about leadership within the LHM Company, Greg Miller, vice chair of the LHM Board of Directors, shared his thoughts on reputation and relationships.

“Our reputation precedes us in the markets and communities we operate in because of the way our employees lead and live our values.” 

Greg Miller

In addition to opening doors, our reputation gives us a competitive advantage as we continue to grow our company and look for investment opportunities. We strengthen our company through the partnerships we make with individuals, businesses, and causes that align with our values.

“Looking back over the last four decades, it’s apparent that my mom and dad knew they were stronger together – and that our family business was made better by aligning with others who shared our values,” said Greg.

Our Committment to Enriching Lives

“From the beginning of their marriage, my parents made giving and service a top priority,” said Karen Williams as she began her remarks. “We’ve continued to build on that example for 43 years.”

As our businesses grow, we are able to give more and have an even greater impact in the communities where we live, work, and play. Karen referred to this growing ability to enrich more lives, as our businesses grow, as the “virtuous cycle.” We believe it is our competitive advantage, and it’s what sets us apart from other organizations.

The company’s mission to enrich lives is unique and provides a meaningful sense of purpose for employees and is at the root of business deliberations and decisions. “We are consistently doing good with our assets, and we are more committed than ever before to continue strengthening our communities,” said Karen.

Don Stirling, the executive director of the Miller Family Office and Miller Family Philanthropy, continued the discussion on enriching lives by sharing insight into the family’s and company’s commitment to giving.

“It’s a very exciting time for the Larry H. & Gail Miller Family Foundation as our ability to give back has significantly increased with the infusion of funds from recent divestitures,” Don explained. “In addition to our commitment to enrich lives in the community, we are also committed to enriching the lives of our employees and their families.” 

Don shared the giving strategy created by the Miller family, which has five areas of focus: 

In the months and years to come, the Miller family will make important and lasting contributions that will impact generations to come. 

Don concluded his remarks by thanking employees for their commitment to enriching lives: “I would also like to give a shout out to all of you who have come together on multiple Driven to Assist campaigns – including blood, food and toy drives, holiday concerts, and most recently – our humanitarian drive for Ukrainian refugees.”

The Virtuous Cycle

Gail Miller took the stage as the concluding presenter of WWA 2022. She shared the touching account of Max, an exchange student from Ukraine pursuing university studies in Utah where he first met Larry and Gail. After completing his education, he was able to emigrate to the United States and eventually become a citizen. Those early years were not easy for him, but he persevered and eventually became an employee at the Megaplex Theatres. He would later start his own ice cream and gelato business – one that supplies our Megaplex Theatres today.

At the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict with Russia, Max reached out to Gail, Brilliant Miller and others in the organization looking for help for his countrymen in Ukraine. Nearly overnight, that one phone call cascaded into an impressive campaign to provide much-needed supplies and money for Ukrainian refugees fleeing the escalating war.

“Motivated by Max’s call, and combined with strong partnerships, we were able to maximize love, kindness, and service into an amazing movement to help our brothers and sisters fleeing unimaginable circumstances. This is the virtuous cycle – and it’s just one example. There are thousands across our organization because of you,” said Gail.

In conclusion, Gail invited employees to get involved and to live our values is by caring for each other. “It’s my hope that we will all commit to know our coworkers and be there for each other. Listen to one another, lift one another, and yes, love one another.”

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